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Monday Nights 7 pm est

It is time for the Body of Christ to come together.

In this day and age, people are looking to us to bring about hope and solutions.  Apostle Louis invites you to join him on a free weekly conference call.  Facebook Live.

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Louis DeSiena is a HFS (Highly Favored Son)! His skill set, which stretches from innovation and illumination to communication and continuation, is accompanied with an intense passion both to articulate the truth and allow God to embody it in his life.
I watch Him, his ministry and his appetite for holiness and pray for him with excitement and anticipation. You will be wise to listen to him, examine what you hear and apply it in your life with stunning results. His family clenches the accuracy of what he teaches.-Jack Taylor


GSS Phase 3-Angels in the Atmosphere

This exciting course will be on Angels and how they are to work on your behalf in the kingdom.  

GSS-Phase 1 Healing

Join our online school and be part of a community of believers that are being trained and equipped for the harvest field.

GSS-The Prophetic

Ready to be trained in the prophetic.  Sharpen your understanding and receive impartation as Louis teaches you 25 years of prophetic ministry.

The Relationship Wheel

Gain some understanding how relationships develop and how you need to manage the relationships in your life.  Louis leads you through the understanding that not all relationships are created equal.  All relationships are not created the same way for the matter.  You will receive this free ebook and we pray it will help you in navigate the rewarding journey of covenant relationships. 

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""This message is revolutionary! It has answered questions, made corrections, confirmed somethings and literally given me life.""

What Students Our Saying!

""Wow. Really good teaching and instruction.""

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""Best teaching I've ever heard on tithing. Give me a whole new appreciation for giving to the Lord.""


The Five Mindsets

In this free ebook Louis teaches about mindsets that keep you from experiencing God's kingdom to the fullest. Learn how to avoid the trappings of bad thoughts and take them captive in Christ.

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