About Us

Louis and Kathy DeSiena are the Senior Leaders of Torch Bearers Church and Apostolic Training Center in Jacksonville, Florida. In their many years of serving in the church there was a stirring passion for greater truth. Ordained as a prophet and with a heart of a reformer Louis and Kathy began VFR ministries “Voice for Restoration” in 2002 (Now Louis DeSiena Ministries). This began their personal ministry to see Christ’s church raised up in present truth and power.

In the years following, the Lord began a work through them to prepare them for their apostolic call. The word of the Lord came to Louis to release His power in Jacksonville and in 2007 Louis and Kathy joined hands in what is now The Gate Church, a house with one focus “The Presence of God”. In His presence and with a father’s heart they continue to train spiritual sons and daughters for the Kingdom of God to be a people of power and prayer. With a fire of passion for the Lord and revival beating in their hearts they are a generation determined to see their city, their nation and their world changed forever.