Esther and the One Thing

In this three part audio series Louis teaches on the journey of the Bride to the Bridegroom.  Louis teaches from...

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The Book of Esther

In this nine video series, Louis goes through the entire book of Esther; revealing secrets of our romance and authori...

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Fathers, Orphans, Sons

In this message, Louis speaks on the importance of fathers in the kingdom of God.

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From The Courtroom To Covenant

In this message, we cover topics from the courtroom, to our privilege of the courtroom.

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Generosity is one of the greatest attributes of Jesus. In this insightful message. Louis teaches us about the heart o...

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Family-The Model of the Kingdom

The scripture make it perfectly clear, we are a part of a family.  Find out the wonderful mystery of the Father ...

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Expanding Your Capacity to Believe God

Have your faith expanded and the inward capacity of your spirit stretched to believe God for more.

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Entering The Kingdom

Do you want to enter the Kingdom. Jesus wants you to join him in the everlasting glory.

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Discerning The Body

As believers, we need to discern the importance of the Body of Christ.

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Do You Really Want The Kingdom?

Have you ever asked yourself that question.  It is the Father's good pleasure to give it to.  Do you want it.

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Do You Still Not Understand?

Jesus asked His disciples this question.  It was meant to lead them to understand the Kingdom.

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