Getting Free From Mindsets That Hold Us Captive

Everyone I know is looking for the very thing that will open up their life to the success and prosperity that the Lord desires for them.  Numerous things could be holding anyone back.  So in this book, I will just address five mindsets that could be disempowering you and draining the life out of your day.  First, we will have to tackle the obstacle of your soul and its correlation with prosperity.  The word of God is clear; your heart can propel or repel your success.  In the Epistle of John, there is a key verse we will study first before we move on to mindsets.

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If you can learn to adjust your mindsets, you too can change the course of your life.  If you have proper mindsets, you will be able to navigate through the storms and find yourself on the correct path to your purpose.  I pray that this has helped you in any way to see the mindsets that could be holding you back.  If so, it is only a thought away to start on a new path.

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