The Awakening

Uncategorized Mar 19, 2018

For years now I have been pondering a word the Lord gave in May of 2009. In a meeting in Deland, Florida, the Lord spoke to me and said, "I am sending three angels to America." The Lord then showed me three large angels coming up out of the Atlantic Ocean. They were massive in size, hundreds of feet tall. They marched on to the land in a single file. One after the other they stepped on North Carolina moving to the west. With their arms stretched out from their sides, they reached from Maine to the Keys of Florida. As they walked, water dripped off of them and began to saturate the land.

I was in awe of the sight and asked the Lord, "Who are these Lord?" "These are three angels called, Revival, Restoration, Reformation," said the Spirit. I watched for a moment, and the vision was over. Last year I began to speak about preparing for this coming move of God and the coming revival. Getting yourself in position for what the Lord was doing. Now I have something to declare to you.

The Revival Angel is about to come out of the water. He is beginning to appear off the eastern seaboard, and there is a mighty wave that will sweep across the land. This revival offers us something that the Body has never had in place in modern history. There will be an accelerated flow from the Harvest to the Marketplace. Never in the history of the Church has there been such a depth of training available and ready for a mass harvest.

There will be people who will get saved and minister in a day. The harvesters will overtake the sower of seed. I am full of expectation as we prepare ourselves and awaken our spirits to what the Lord is doing. The prophets are in agreement. There is a significant shift happening. The Lord is answering from His throne the prayers prayed. Never before in our lifetime have things been shaken like what is upon us.

What should you be doing now? Pray, fast, pray, seek, repeat. So simple but maybe too simple for some. Ask the Lord to show you things to come. Everyone has a part of this move if they want one. In this move, there is more room on the playing field then the viewing stands. Some might find themselves thrown into the arena because there just was no place to sit on the sidelines.

These are exciting times. These are powerful times. These are the times of the His Spirit. It is glorious to behold. Join the movement and fulfill the destiny of your life.


Passionate for His Presence, Positioned for His Purpose

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