The Shift

souls Sep 08, 2018

I was standing on the platform in Olean, New York. The worship was playing, and it was electric. As the team began to worship the Lord spoke to me. “I am about souls in this season. Everyone that is about what I am doing will see my glory and my increase.” As we began to talk about my role in this, I replied, “I am all in Lord.” I am hungry to see the harvest. The Lord had been speaking to me about my increased focus on souls. He has given me dreams and instructions that have been shifting and sifting me. I say sifting because that is the thing that the Church is about to go through. There have been those who have been there who are the pure evangelist. They have been there sowing seeds of harvest for years and years. My primary role as a prophet and apostle has been to train and equip God’s people. Something that I have given myself entirely to fulfill.

Today is the hour that the Lord is calling His body to shift. We can no longer talk about souls; we...

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Two Step

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